Emergency Locksmith

Need Emergency Locksmith Services?

Have you ever gotten to your car and realized that your keys were safely locked inside, sitting in your ignition?Have you ever walked outside to get your newspaper and found that your front door locked behind you?Has the weather ever been so cold out that your key broke off when you tried to turn it?

You are not alone and we are here to help.

Our family-owned company provides full-service 24/7 locksmith services, taking care of any commercial, residential and automotive locksmith services in the Greater Los Angeles area whenever you may need us. Our emergency locksmith technicians have been fully trained and have experience so that we can ensure you are only receiving the very best service possible and in a timely manner.

With our competitive pricing and quick response time to any lock emergency you may encounter, you receive the best care and customer service in all of the Greater Los Angeles area. Our mobile locksmith service enables us to be quickly on-site to any emergency call, getting you where you need to go if you have been stranded with your car.

Our 24-hour locksmith emergency services include:

  • Professional lock picking: Our professionals can get into what you need with our equipment, even when there is no key available.
  • Lost key solutions: Can’t find your key? We can help you get in and make you a replacement.
  • Car unlock and open trunk services: Locked out of your car? We can help you get back in and get going. Locked your keys inside your trunk or have a jammed lock? Let us help you out.
  • Lockout solutions: Have you been locked out of your house or apartment? Our 24-hour emergency service can get you back inside anytime.
  • Broken key removal: If your key has broken off inside of the lock, we can remove the key and make you a replacement.


In addition to our emergency services, we do provide onsite locksmith services to ensure that you are not stopped any longer than you need to be.

Additional services include:

  • Master lock installation: We can provide the installation of a Master lock wherever you may need one.
  • Spare key making and rekeying: If you need a spare key or to have a lock rekeyed, our competent technicians can help you out.
  • Change locks and door keys: Need to have your locks changed? Either by losing keys or having a change of residents to a household, you may need to have the locks changed. We can easily help you secure your home again.
  • Transponder key programming: Since 2004, automobile manufacturers have been including a computer chip, known as a transponder, inside of car keys to make cars more difficult to steal. But, due to this safety feature, the keys are difficult to duplicate to create spares. Luckily, our experienced and trained technicians know how to duplicate your keys completely.
  • Ignition key replacement: If your key has broken off inside the ignition, don’t despair! We can replace your ignition key and get your car moving again.


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